What is The new channel of communication?

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What is The new channel of communication?

How we Create a Communication Campaign:

Companies and Professionals tend to separate their communication in
two different channels: The Physical/ Printed Channel (which is called as
Inbound Marketing) and the Online/ Digital Channel (the

Each of those channels have their own strengths, weaknesses and
purposes. When it comes to sales, Webmarketing comes with the
greater results as it connects directly the Potential Clients to the Sales

While on the other hand, Printed Communication offers a better
positioning, a better engagement rate and a certain proximity with the
Client/ Audience.

Nevertheless, we have to keep in mind that a personal or individual
Communication is always better as it allows you to offer a personalized
service, with the possibility to interact with your audience.
It’s always easier to ask a question to your teacher when you are in a
10-15 student group than during a lecture with 100+.

But there is a new bridge that opened, a new bridge that OnSights
inaugurated, connecting the Printed and the Digital world, combining
the best of the two world.

Connect with your Audience, Interact with them, Collect the Data and
Comments you need to improve your Communication.

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