How to connect your promotional gifts to your digital marketing strategy?

Pormotionals gifts with OnSights Impact your marketing strategies
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How to connect your promotional gifts to your digital marketing strategy?


A communication strategy is always a well prepared and though strategy that takes place on two separated Communication Channels, the Printed Communication and the Digital one. The issue with the separation of those Channels is the lack of coordination available between them.


Promotional Products are most of the time tools used by companies to offer gifts to prospects/ customers or employees to increase their sympathy regarding the firm but also a good way to position the brand in their mind.


The Promotional Products are a great solution for Inbound Marketing but lack of Digital Integration.


How can we integrate them in the Digital Communication?


The Promotional Products


As said before, the Promotional Products are heavily used, the International Sales Volume on this market is estimated at $23 billion in 2017 according to the Promotional Products Association International


Nevertheless, as for an entire Communication Strategy, it can affect two different types of Audience through the Internal Communication, which is dedicated to the Communication inside the Company, and the External Communication, for clients/ prospects/ customers…etc


Whatever the gift is, a Promotional Pen, a Promotional Notebook, a Promotional Calendar or else it has to be integrated on a larger scale and adapted to each person receiving it.


Nevertheless it can take different forms, from a basic Promotional Pen to a Promotional Shirt or Flask, or even a Promotional USB.


The Internal Communication


Offer a Corporate Gift can be a great way to manage your team while creating a real Corporate Environment. Give it to an employee that worked well can be a great way to generate a healthy environment of Competition that will not affect the general mood of your office.


A study carried out in a National Insurance Company in the United States have shown a growth of Sales of about 40% with a raise of the general motivation for the members of the team since started to use Promotional Products as gifts for employees.


The objective here is to strengthen the attachment and sympathy one can have over your firm or the fact of working with/ for you, while at the same time being very well accepted by the other members. No one will be jealous of a recently hired person just because you offered him/ her a welcome kit.


External Communication


Promotional Products all work with the same logic. For prospects or member of your team, this strategy will have the same good impact on them. From a brand image standpoint to just how they value your relationship.


Corporate Gifts are a great way to start a relationship with a potential client. Offering them a Promotional USB, for instance, will show them how valuable this professional relationship is for your company. As well as offering an item of daily use that will remind them the existence of your firm, as for giving them your contact numbers/ address/ Social Networks links…etc


According to the PPAI83% of consumers are more likely to do business with a brand from a Promotional Product, while 79% of them will do research on  the brand and 90% of them will recall the branding. In the end, they estimate that adding Promotional Gifts to the media mix of your Marketing and Communication Strategy increases the effectiveness of others media by up to 44%.


The Integration of your Promotional Products in your Communication


The elaboration of Promotional Products Strategy takes 3 different steps.


Timing And Planification


Before starting, make sure to think properly at what time of the year you want to launch your campaign. Mostly because there are times where it’s normal to offer gifts to others (mainly Christmas time). Launching your campaign of Promotional Products for your prospects can be delayed depending if you want it to be seen as spontaneous or as a planned event.


At the same time, think of a time schedule, such as at the first meeting or at the signature of the contract with a Potential Client, to offer them the Promotional Notebook you bought for them.


Make sure to adapt each Products to your Audience. According to SageWorldmen are more likely to appreciate a Promotional Shirt while women would prefer Promotion Pen or Promotional Calendars for instance.


The most important part when it comes to planification is to hide the “mass communication” side of it.




Offering a Promotional Product can have two different main objectives: offer a gift or an advertising. Never try to mix the both of them.


A Promotional Gift is made to be an uninterested communication from your firm while an advertising clearly is made to fit in your marketing strategy of positioning.


Nevertheless, no matter if it’s a gift or an advertising, the main goal stays the same: long term communication as 60% of consumers keep a Promotional Product for up to 2 years. A communication that will give you a great brand image while being less costly and more efficient than most of the others Communication Supports.


The key is to bring added-value for your customer or prospect.


The Budget


With the previous steps you should have answered most of the prerequisite to start your Campaign. You know what Promotional Product you will offer, why you need this Campaign and why you will give it to your Audience. When you will give them and how.


Those different steps establish the context of your Promotional Product Communication.


The Screenless Video Brochure to Connect to your Digital Channel


The Solution for Communication that OnSights offers you, our Product of Video Brochure is a SaaS for firms willing to offer their customers an unique user experience. For an affordable price your Audience will have access to exclusive Video Content by scanning your logo on your Promotional Products.


The Integration of your Promotional Products in your Digital Communication


At OnSights we want to offer an access to the New Channel of Communication to each Companies around the world. By using our platform and our Screenless Video Brochure, we are proud to offer you a Solution to boost your Communication and strengthen your relationship with your Customers, Prospects and Team.


When launching a strategy of Promotional Products, the key is to offer an added-value.


Moreover, Companies are not used to coordinate their Communications Channels all together to create a unique Communication Channel working through a Video Brochure/ Video Advertising/ Video Catalogue or Video Flyers OnSights offers you.


Nevertheless, the integration of the New Channel of Communication in your current Promotion Products Strategy can be easy to put in place. By implementing the Square Brackets around your logo, your prospects will just have to download an universal lector to read it and have access to an exclusive video content that could lead them to your website.


You could also use our Video Brochure Technology on the Promotional Pen or Promotional Notebook that you give to prospect, so they can have a detailed look over your product and/ or services.


If you are working on a B2B basis, offering a Corporate Gift to a regular customer is a great way to redirect him to your online store thanks to our Video Catalogue technology.


Use a Promotional Calendar is also a great support for your Internal Communication as well. For instance, if you want to communicate with your marketing team or your sales team. Just by scanning a special date or image in their Video Calendar, the members of your team will have a direct access to updates, news, newsletter, comments from the CEO/ COO…etc


The Benefits of mixing Video Brochures and Promotional Items


OnSights is a unique service as a software (SaaS) made for companies willing to offer something more  than just a buying experience to their customers.


By giving them a real User Experience, you will be able to differentiate from your competition while Positioning yourself as a Customer Caring Firm, with a strong will to offer its customers a real insights of your products.


Trying to force a purchase has never been a good idea to increase your Incomes. Nevertheless, emphasize the needs of your customers and how well you will answer them can lead to achievements you never thought you could have reached.


At the same time the Engagement of your Audience in your Communication will not only increase but explode. By including them in your Communication Strategy, through a Promotional Product and our Video Brochure, they will feel fulfilled by the importance you give to their opinion.


The Impact of Video Brochure in your Promotional Products Strategy


It’s a well-known quote: a picture is worth thousands of words. According to Demandgem, 73% of internet users admit they could buy a product after watching a video presenting it while 80% of them (according to ThinkWithGoogle) agree that a video explaining how the product works can play a major role in their purchase decision. In a nutshell, the Conversion Rate of your Campaign increase of around 15% when it integrates Videos (Content Marketing Institute).


With a great Conversion Rate for your Campaign, comes a better Return on Investment. We saw on a previous article that Printed Communication turns out to be the very best Communication Channel in terms of ROI. But Promotional Products are known to be a great reminder for your prospects and include a fair Return on Investment, thanks to its cheap cost.


More than just Video Brochures, OnSights offers you a variety of product, adaptable to your different needs. We give you the keys to a new world of possibilities with the New Channel Of Communication, and our Video Brochures. We give you an opportunity to convert any Printed Communication, any Promotional Products, any printed logo of yours into a direct link to a Sales Channel.


Your Promotional Calendar, our Video Brochure, your growth, your choice. Click here to subscribe.


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