Video Brochure, the Future of Communication?

Video Brochure cheap and Innovative
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Video Brochure, the Future of Communication?

A few year ago appeared a Technology for Communication that is meant to help salesmen and sales team in general. It has been considered to be a Revolution to connect to prospects during the Sales Process: The Video Brochure.

But is it really ? Is it that innovative? Is the Current version of the Video Brochure a real Revolution?
The thing is, the most common Video Brochure may be a great piece of technology but they do not work on a scalable model. When it comes to its commercialization and for its model of utilization for the final customer.

Let us show you why the Video Brochure, as it exists now, is not such a good idea for Companies to promote their Product during the Sale Process

Video Brochure and Innovation for Communication

We saw briefly in a previous article, that the Video Brochure is not a viable solution to modernize its communication and the way they interact with their Prospects and/ or customers.

There are different solution for Communication, but if we want to focus on the Video Brochure, we need to ask ourselves why did they appeared?

·         Brochure with Screens?

The first reason for its popularity is the general state of the Economy and the reality of the market. With an easier connection to firms around the world, in particular the suppliers of technologies at a low cost. Those suppliers of Video Brochure, from Asian Countries, are mainly from China, and with a higher activity/ competition on the market, comes a decrease of the price of the product.

·         The limits of this Technology

The technology behind the Video Brochure, which focus mainly on how well compacted is the technology by adding a screen in a paper flat brochure

Nevertheless, by making one order of Video Brochure for your Sale Team or your Internal Communication, you will only have one “easy” campaign. Indeed, once your Video Brochure has been delivered, it will be very complicated for you to update the content of each Video Brochure. The Product only has one plug to Charge and add the content. If your objective is to offer and adapt it to your customers or prospects, you can forget about the regular Video Brochure as it’s just impossible to update, by cable, 150 or 200 Video Brochure (you will understand why 150 minimum later in the article).

One more issue with the Business Video Brochure is the characteristics general of the Product. Having a small tablet as a Business presentation but it comes with limitations (which helps a lot the retailers when it comes to increasing prices for clients). A bigger screen, a bigger battery, a bigger storage in the Video Brochure will imply a higher cost. From around $20 each, and it can go up to $40(!) each. Which means that, unless you can spend $5,000 per order for one Communication Campaign, your firm might have to head to a cheaper, less qualitative product of Communication than their Video Brochure.

The Benefit of using Video Brochures in your Communication

The necessity of use of a Video Brochure is to be used as a main tool of differentiation during the Sale Process.

·         A new Sales Process for the Retailers/ Providers

As we said before, the Sale Process has become way more complicated as it was 10 or 20 or 30 years ago. The Internet or Smartphones helped us reaching new markets and new partnerships with actors from the entire world. Nevertheless, this easier connection with new actors brings a higher competitiveness and so a general decrease of the prices on the industry, as said in the Law of Supply.

·         A new Buying Process for Consumers/ Prospects

For the final consumer of a market, the tools of communication we use on a daily basis, offers an access to an entire new world of comparison. Now the competition for a company is not only Local or National but International. Depending on the demand of the prospect, regarding the quantity, the quality, the time of delivery, the brand…etc one can buy from a local store in the historical center of its town, while one another will prefer make an order on Amazon or Aliexpress or else.

·         The “Unique” Experience of Video Brochures

The Video Brochure are products meant to be used by any company (with the finances to order them). With a Customization and Adaptability when it comes to the size/ type of paper/ general design of and on the Video Brochure. Its flexibility allows the Companies to already use the Promotional Videos from their current Communication Campaign.

Video Brochure also have the advantage, as most of the retailers like to promote it, to work without any connection. The video with automatically play once the Video Brochure opens and offer the customer a “Unique Communication Experience”. It’s supposed to be its main advantage, as much as involving the prospect in the Process of Buying through a highly technological device.
Nevertheless, if you give away the Video Brochure during a meeting with a customer, it will probably happen in an Office, in a Café, in a Restaurant or at least in a city. Spoiler Alert, all of those meeting places have either a high chance to be connected to the Internet for the Smartphones or will have a WiFi connection.

·         The Video Brochure Campaign and its Budget

So, as we saw before, depending on your needs and your budget for your Communication Campaign, you might not have the resources to buy the HD quality, 2h lasting battery (that’s a lot for a Video Brochure), 500Mo storage space (that’s also a lot) Video Brochure.

Each retailers of Video Brochure have their own offer, therefore the price might differ depending on the services included in the process (realization of the Video, Design of the paper, type of shipping…etc), but if we take a look at the prices of the Chinese Providers on Aliexpress, the cheapest product that can be find is at $22 per unit.

From our different research, we know for sure that the cheapest Video Brochure you can find, is available at between $25 – $27 each unit.

The trick here is that, as for the high prices of the providers, the minimum order available in the retailers website starts at 100 – 150 units.

So if we do the math, that’s $25 per unit, for 150 units. So for ONE communication campaign, with ONE video, for ONE group of customers, we come to a budget of $3,750.

This amount, for ONE communication campaign, so maybe renewable 2 or 3 times a year, does not include shipping, does not include a possible realization of the video, does not include the design of the Video Brochure, does not include the redaction of the content around the screen, does not include a potential additional Customer Services.

You also have to remember that, that cost of $3,750 comes for the most basic features, the most basic format of paper, the most basic screen and the most basic characteristics. Therefore its effect and its ROI might be way lower that the one advertised.

If you are not Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Coca-Cola Company or others Corporates from the Fortune 500 of Forbes, you might not have enough found to use the Video Brochure as a long term solution for your Communication Strategy.

The Video Brochure made in OnSights

The current market of the Video Brochure is limited. It offers to entrepreneurs and corporates from around the world a chance to connect to their prospects on a deeper level than classical communication.
Nevertheless, this product has flaws. The current Video Brochure will never reach the impact expected because of the general limitation of the product.

·         Our Video Brochure Budget

What is the main issue when starting a business of Video Brochure? The manufacturing. The fact that a company has to order 100 – 150 – 200 – 250 units at a very high cost for a tangible service/ product of communication. 

But what if I told you, you could use a device already used by 2.7 billions persons around the world? What if I told you that you could use the smartphones as a Communication Tool?

Because that’s what OnSights is offering you with our services of Screenless Video Brochure.

By subscribing to our Saas (Service as a Software), you will be able to integrate to your Communication Strategy a tool at a very low cost compared to the $4,000 per campaign offered by the Classic Video Brochure. Print your content on a Brochure, a Flyer, a Magazine, a Book or whatever support you want. By scanning a previously registered image, your audience will have access to an exclusive video content (hence the Video Brochure), promoting your new product or educating them.

·         The Marketing impact of our Video Brochure

With such an impact on your customer, they will turn into a user, changing their buying experience into a user experience. With such a process of buying, the Return On Investment of our Video Brochure is as high as x5 of the initial investment.

The engagement rate and the follow up of your audience to your campaign, and on a larger scale, with your Brand, will only get higher. Include a personalized video into your Face-to-Face communication will increase your chances od closing the deal. According to Renderforest stats, 64% of customers admit that they will be more likely to buy a product online after seeing a video.

·         Optimize your Budget, Print once, Get Infinite Updates

Why not just combine business and pleasure? Why not just make sure to help you save money with a renewable use of our Video Brochures Tehcnology?

By offering you a Online Platform to update your images, you will be able to remotely update already printed Video Brochure, offering to your customers/ audience a brand new Communication Campaign.

Print your Video Brochure, your Video Flyers, your Video Catalog or Video Advertising once and duplicate its potential and reach as many times as you need to.

            OnSights Video Brochure are not just a good idea from a mad scientist brain. It’s a real innovation for the Entrepreneurs, from Miami, United States, to Paris, France, Mexico City, Mexico, London, United Kingdom and anywhere else in the world.

            What we offer you is a real innovation, using a real technological Revolution. It’s an assets for your sales, or for your transmission of Information, made for companies with both companies with low Marketing Budget or Fortune 500 corporates willing to add “something more” to their Communication.


Video Brochure are an innovation made for the common good that we believe, can impact all the sectors  by supporting and boosting any process of Communication.

            If you want to use the real  Video Brochure, the one Entrepreneurs is seeking, click here.

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