How to Elaborate a Marketing Strategy with Little Budget?

Communication Strategy with Video Brochure and Little Budget
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How to Elaborate a Marketing Strategy with Little Budget?

Having resources to develop a Communication and Marketing Strategy is a luxury not every company can afford. Nevertheless, a new Business, a new Product or a new Service must come with Communication. A company must promote how they adapt to their market and how they try to respond to the need of their Customers or Prospects.

Without Communication, the firm will have no resonance, no impact, no teaching on their Audience which can lead to the simple death of their Business.

Most of the time when one think about the elaboration of a Communication Strategy, they think of high budget inverted in Human Resources, in the Elaboration, Maintenance and Continuity of a Direct Communication Channel and a Digital Communication Channel. In the end, these spending can use up to half of an annual budget, depending on the type of product or service you sell.

What we want to teach you in this article are some tricks to polish your communication (on both Channels) to work with more flexibility with Little Budget Communication Strategy.

A Communication Strategy with Little Budget

 Elaborate a Communication Strategy with Little Budget is not a simple thing to concept. You have to follow certain steps in order to make sure to deliver the right Message at the right Audience.

is not a simple thing to concept. You have to follow certain steps in order to make sure to deliver the right Message at the right Audience.

Identify the Main Message you want to address and the Point of interest of your Audience

Basically, you have to clarify the Mission and Vision of your Firm. What is the problem I am trying to solve? What is the current solution? What’s my solution? Why do I think my solution is better than the one offered by the Competition? Why my Prospects would be interested in my solution?

By answering those questions, you will have a more direct line to follow for the transmission on your information. Writing those ideas will help you have a more clear, consistent and simple message.

Target an Audience Online And Offline

Now that the what you want to communicate is clear, try to think about your target. Put yourself in the shoes of your Prospect and think about arguments that will convince him. Think about how he would like to be contacted, what he would think of the product, what Strengths and Weaknesses he would see and adapt your message to erase those objections before they even think about it.

Take the stock of your Resources

This is the key point of the elaboration of a Communication Strategy. Depending on the resources you have at your disposure you might not have the same reach or possibilities as the Company next door. How many people can work on it? How much time can they spend on it by day/ week/ month? Are they specialized? Do they need training? How much can you spend on online tools? Or just printed support?

Develop your Network and Community

You can have the greatest message on Earth, if nobody hears it all your efforts will be useless.

Thankfully in 2019, we have all the tools needed to develop a great network of contacts that will form the base of your Community: the Social Networks.

Now you know who is your ideal customer, you know where to find him. You know what he follows on the Social Networks, you know how he interacts with other businesses in real life…etc.

Use the previous points to develop that Network of Contacts for your Communication Strategy.

Review – Refine – Adapt your Communication Strategy

Every plans can’t go as expected. Sometimes you fail but that’s ok. Basically failure is just a bad word. Change it for “Result”. Because a Result can be analyzed or interpreted. You can use it for new operations and get better each and every time.

            We know the basics, let me introduce you to three points that will help you developing a Communication Strategy with Little Budget.

Digital Public Relation (Digital PR)

Digital PR is a strategy that comes at a relatively speaking low cost but it allows you to generate high quality backlinks. As you might have guessed, it’s a strategy that works on the Digital Channel. We will not define precisely Digital PR here, but the Digital Public Relation is a sector/ strategy that makes you interact with your Audience on the Digital Channel of Communication. It compensates the biggest obstacle when starting business : the lack of contacts.

A Digital PR agency or specialist will put you in touch with highly viewed/ read journals or blogs or influencers that will present your Business to their Community.

Of course you can pay to ask the services of a Digital PR agency, or you can try to elaborate it by yourself. The good news is, the human being is a social creature. By just following/ interacting/ informing/ debating with those influencers/ bloggers through your social medias, the contact will be easier to make.


Since the dawn of time, we tell story to fascinate our peers. It has always been a great way to connect with others, it creates more engagement with our Audience, using the reflex of compassion of the human brain.

Nowadays, Storytelling is a great weapon when it comes to a Communication Strategy for Business. By just telling the emergence of the Company, how you came with the idea of that new product, what does the brand means to you…etc you will start with a great piece of Storytelling in your Communication.

            So what does it take to make a good storytelling?

  • Trust the Narrator
  • Create Emotions ( generate empathy from the Audience )
  • The Audience must identify and feel close to the characters
  • The story must be easy to remember
  • The story must be familiar, which means connect the new story to old ones
  • The story must be humanized.

Storytelling is a tool that must come to play in each and every content you create for your Digital or Direct Communication.


Networking is a powerful tool to reach new markets of audience. Partnerships are always a great way to impose and improve your presence online. As we saw earlier with the Digital Public Relation, use someone else Community can be very profitable for you. But when it comes to partnership, the objective is to have a win-win agreement.

For a Low Cost Digital Communication, use a website of Guest Blogging can bea good start. Write an article about yourself on someone else platform or blog, with a link redirecting to your webpage and create quality leads from a potentially interested Audience.

A Marketing Strategy at a Low Cost

Marketing, as for Communication, is the cornerstone of Commercialization and, therefore, of the creation of Revenue.

Test/ Measure/ Learn Fast your Marketing

Adapt in real time to the successes and failures of your current and past Marketing Campaign.

Simplified Channel of Communication

Focus on one Channel of Communication (or combine the both of them with OnSights). It allows you to spend more time elaborating the perfect message to deliver while avoiding the risk of missing your Audience.  Use it as a Sniper rather than a Shotgun.

Marketing Agility

Calculate the minimum you can invest for a viable Campaign and where can you find the best ROI (Return On Investment). The key stays the same: marketing optimization.

Marketing of Partnerships to share the Costs

Just like we saw before for your Communication, take advantage of the fame and strength of a fellow business to communicate your brand. Use Co-marketing will allow you to reduce cost, even if it can be difficult to negotiate.

Recycle your Blog Content

If you think an old article you published could be reutilized or republished to a more aware Audience, or if you think you could ad new comments and qualitative data inside, do it. Repetition is the best reminder possible for you Audience.

Digital Marketing and SEO

SEO is a complex thing to master, but the most important thing you must know is: quality content over quantity. Lean on metrics to adapt the keywords, frequency or length of your content. SEO must be more than just an ad or a sponsorship.

Communicate through your Community

Use your Customers/ Users reviews as a center piece of your Marketing Strategy. Like when you’re looking for a nice restaurant, you always look for the one with the great grade.

Do it in House

Use the skills and know how of your team and adapt. Don’t ask for what your team cannot do, ask what they do perfectly and adapt your Marketing Plan and Communication Strategy to use it and get the very best result.

Marketing is a question of Prioritizing and Sequencing

Focus your Marketing Strategy over what would have the greatest impact on your Audience and Prospects, and capture the most important.

Marketing is a pinpoint game

Be specific on your target, don’t be afraid to use every pieces of data you can collect and adapt. Success is a business founded over details.

Marketing of High Value

As said before, the main focus for your SEO strategy is to create and offer a content of high quality, that will generate shares and interactions from your community.

Customers Reviews in Communication Strategy

By posting and exposing your good reviews, you will take advantage of the psychological phenomenon where people assume the action of others as the right thing to do.

Leverage Advocacy to raise Awareness

Use your most happy employees or customers as ambassadors in your Digital or Direct Communication Campaign. Having an insights telling how great of a Product or Service you offer will give you credibility over the actors of your market.

Low Cost Marketing with OnSights

OnSights is a new Service that offers companies with Little Budget to use the new Channel Of Communication as a Marketing Tool.

As we saw before, if you want to develop an efficient Marketing Strategy or Communication Strategy with a Little Budget you must focus on one Communication Channel. Well with OnSights, you can now rely on both of them at more affordable cost and with a higher rentability.

OnSights Platform connect your Direct Marketing to your Digital Marketing Strategy, using your BTL (Below the Line) Communication to convert prospects and integrate them in your Inbound Marketing.

Use your Printed Communication as a link to your website, your Social Networks, your Online Sales Channel. Convert prospects into customers with the greatest medium for sales, Improve your brand image with a customer-caring service, use the Marketing Analytics to reach new achievements for your next campaign and impose yourself on your market.

We give you the possibility to offer your customer an Unique User Experience through an interactive, engaging Channel of Communication.

The new Channel Of Communication is Waiting for you here.

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