How can you resolve online marketing budget losses caused by adblockers?

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How can you resolve online marketing budget losses caused by adblockers?

Adblockers are becoming more popular as Google Chrome began to considered packaging their browser with ad blocking capabilities in February 2018.
According to studies 47% of internet users are using ad blockers in the USA, either with the function offered by their browser or with many other extensions available to install.
But for companies that for long have relied on investment to monetize their websites, are Adblockers really causing their revenues to suffer? It actually depends on several factors, such as who your primary audience is.
Let’s see how ad blockers really work and who the users are choosing to browse without further ad bombardment so we can find reliable alternatives to monetize your site cleanly.


But in a society where we are contentiously targeted as potential buyers, it is a normal evolution for users to try to avoid this excess of information we live in.
Therefore it has been estimated that about 41% of users between the ages of 18 and 29 are using ad blocking technology, while the youngest between the ages of 13 and 17 choose to ignore these types of extensions in their browsing experience. Then as we begin to advance in the age spectrum, people 30 years or older becomes less likely to use it.
Evidently there are certain reasons why users started using ad blockers:
They were infected by a virus (regardless of whether it is malware or spyware).
They were alerted by other media about Invasive Advertising.
They are in search for faster navigation on your devices
They want to reduce the data usage
Ads are annoying


Let’s understand that ad blockers function as a gatekeeper for users who prevent unwanted data from being downloaded, which is then used “against you” to promote an e-commerce for example. It interrupts the instant communication between server and user, preventing the promotion of ads segmented by user interests. Many other extensions include tracking code blockers that send information about the user’s recent searches and activities: a killer of marketing analytics.

“Ad blockers could be ruining your Google Analytics and AdWords data by 30-40%!

Many of the AdBlockers and privacy features block your Analytics tools such as Google Analtycs with an option activated “by default” which has an impact on traffic tracking and even seriously tilts segmented data towards Google Adwords.
According to experts, so far and over time, ad blocking applications will be less used as the users become aware of and benefit from the ad blocker integrated into the Chrome browser, which, according to StatCounter, claims 63.72% of the browser’s market share.
But with this comes another problem: Google, with the implementation of an Adblocker in your browser, Google can end up being not so neutral. Google is the leader of the online advertising market and with such a dominant position, to give them the power to choose which one “does not correspond to their standards of quality” and which ad to block because it’s from a competitor can be a thin line. If they end up blocking the ads of their competition, strengthening their position while silencing the enemy they find on their way, the users of their browser will be even more controlled and oriented than they already are.


For alternative solutions, there are some methods that can help you monetize your site:
Use alternative ad formats: A digital solution such as Detect Adblock will allow you to use an alternative ad format or display a warning in case a blocker is detected:
Ads affiliation with Google AdSense or Google AdSense alternatives, which are only images (banner) as printed brochures will not be affected by ad blockers. WordPress itself has an ad insertion plug-in that has a function to promote different ads to users who use ad blockers.
Show a warning notice to users with an active ad blocker, with something like Ad Insanity add-on can also be a strategy. Users do not fully understand the impact that an Adblocker can have on the financial evolution of your website, explaining them how you generate revenue from it and why disabling it will help you maintain your growth.
-Sell an e-book or digital download from your website: You don’t need to be a great publisher to make your e-book lucrative. Tools like Google Slides will help you create and share your story or knowledge, just finding your market, testing your ideas and loading Google slides.
Exclusive content for subscribers: The site may offer free content such as webinars, conferences, articles, podcasts, video content and a community forum, but it will keep the best content for its subscribed users. They will receive exclusive content which will reach directly the really interested users and automatically grow your list of potential customers. This marketing strategy allows you to collect datas about the audience visiting your website, while offering them a strong added-value.
All the previous ones in a new communication channel connecting physical-digital:
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