Chapter 3: What is emotional marketing and how can it impact your phygital marketing strategy?

What is emotional marketing? How implement emotional marketing? OnSights maketing tool drives conversion increase sales
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Chapter 3: What is emotional marketing and how can it impact your phygital marketing strategy?

Developing a marketing strategy is a complex exercise. First, because leading companies from around the world are always adapting and innovating in terms of marketing tools that impact their marketing funnel. On the other hand, customers have also changed a lot from five years ago, from their needs and desires to how they want you to respond their demand. Now, audiences are more and more in search of an unforgettable experience, which can be offered by connecting the print and the digital in a 360° communication model.
If you got lost by the word phygital, we recommend you to read the first to articles of this series where we presented the phygital marketing revolution (Chapter 1) and what you should pick between an brick and mortar store or an ecommerce (Chapter 2).

What is Emotional Marketing?

So, marketing has evolved a lot through the years. Nowadays, because of the hyper competitiveness of every markets, we need to do more than just answering a need.
To complement that need-answer vision, emotional marketing has been developed. We could define it as a practice of marketing and advertising that focuses on transmitting a basic emotion to make sure the audience notice, remember, share your communication and then buy your products.
It comes from a very basic statement: every purchase is made based on emotion.
Just think about the last thing you bought something, did you do it out a well though-out act or was it impulsive? Of course, you might say that before the actual act of purchase you reasoned yourself with a comparison study of prices and products but once you got in front of the product, it’s your heart that made the final decision, not your brain.
You got influenced by emotional marketing.
Studies shown that advertisings basing their arguments and visuals on emotions had twice as much success than regular advertising.

How does emotional marketing work ?

First impression matter and first impression is based on emotions.
As we said before, purchase decision is based on emotion rather than reason, so by using emotional marketing you influence their final decision. It inspires people to act while receiving the correct message and following the road map your built for them
We can generally group all emotions in eight primary emotions: anger, anticipation, joy, trust, fear, surprise, sadness and disgust:
This is the wheel of emotion, created by Robert Plutchik in 1980. It shows the most basic emotions (in primary color) and their declination. Its disposition in rose window also shows you the opposite of each emotions, as pensiveness is the contrary of serenity or joy is the contrary of sadness, etc.
It’s a great tool to use if you want to have a more global vision of the emotions your marketing and communication campaign can focus on while having a brief extract of the reaction each emotions generate.
For instance:
Happiness makes people share your campaign, generating leads and increasing the brand awareness. Bad news sell, good news travel. Our brain is copycat, when we see someone happy, we mirror him while sharing our good mood to the world.
Sadness makes us empathize and connect. It rises the will to give and leads to altruism
Surprises makes us hold on to what feels comfortable (your brand) rising brand loyalty
Fear is a tricky one, because if not well done it can be disastrous. Otherwise, your brand will be seen as the only bright spot in a dark world and make the consumer lean on you when things turn bad.
Anger & Passion drive people stubborn, virilizing your content, increasing your followers loyalty and the shares of your content on social medias.

How can you elaborate an emotional marketing campaign with an unprecedented user experience ?

What better way to transmit an emotion than involving your audience in the communication? That’s what OnSights offers you. We connect your printed communication and your online communication channels while broadcasting the right video content to touch your audience with the right emotion.
People don’t want to be seen as data but want to get more involved in the entire process. They want to feel listened and their opinion taken into account. You can manage that trick shot by putting your customer at the center of your marketing and communication campaign. He becomes the actor of the content you broadcast and the focus point of your campaign.
Reinforce your marketing strategy by developing great phygital marketing campaigns, raise brand awareness and make your audience feel more than reason with emotions.
Get to know the marketing solution you always dreamed of here.

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