Chapter 4: How to elaborate an emotional marketing strategy?

Onsights phygital marketing with emotional marketing to increase sales
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Chapter 4: How to elaborate an emotional marketing strategy?

Phygital marketing can help you elaborate a marketing campaign to touch your audience on both sales channels (online or in-store) and make them feel a specific emotion. This emotion leads to action taken by the targeted audience to serve the purpose of your company’s growth and which will results in marketing analytics.
Elaborate an emotional marketing strategy comes with some particularities because you must make sure to transmit the right emotion so the audience makes the right action according to your objectives.
Let me show you how you should think your campaign:
1. Know your audience
It’s a crucial step for every marketing or communication strategy. You must know who you’re talking to. Know their life style, their habits, their daily schedule and the lexicon they use. Once you picked the emotion you will transmit, make sure to talk their language to reach them. Are they more likely to pay attention to you campaign if you focus on a pain point? Or on a general desire? Or on their dreams? Or else?
2. Lead with color
As we saw in the previous chapter of this series, color psychology is way more impactful than what we could imagine. Each color refers and enhance a specific emotion. Did you know for instance, football teams pick the color of their jersey to motivate their players? Or that therapist paint their office a certain way to calm their patients and make them feel more confident? Or that red is the color that brings the highest conversion rate when put on an “add to cart” button on an ecommerce? That’s the untold influence of colors in our daily life.
3. Tell a story
Storytelling is a well-used and known art by marketers to increase sales while developing a great brand image. Which one do you think is the most attractive:
Present your company and offer by telling the story of how you got the idea of this product or service because you were having difficulties, that you needed to find a solution and after months of hard work and resilience you finally found it, but you knew this service or product could helped so many people that you had to share it to the world at a very reasonable price;
Just say you got the idea in a brainstorming session with a colleague in a cold downtown office and that it just seemed as the least risky idea?
Tell a story and make the audience live your story.
4. Create a movement and/or a community
Put the emphasis of your campaign on one very simple psychological trigger of human being: the tribal psychology. When a group of person are brough together behind one strong figure such as your brand, their loyalty and love for that figure will reach new heights. Base your marketing campaign on a bandwagon effect in which people subconsciously mimic buying choices of other people and generate camaraderie, acceptance and excitement.
5. Inspire the impossible
Aspiration can bring and generate different emotions but the process stays the same: it brings joy, excitement or hope. Why does this stage is so important? Because it’s a powerful way to inspire your audience by uniting their goals, dreams or vision with your offer.
For example, Red Bull is one of the best company in the world when it comes to marketing. All the “Red Bull gives you wings” commercials campaigns are made to inspire their consumers by broadcasting athletes fulfilling their dreams and make them feel that by drinking RedBull they will accomplish extraordinary things.
6. Project an ideal image
Have you ever wonder why every actors in shampoo or toothpaste adverts are always good looking? I mean really good looking? Because the brand wants you to think that if you use their product you will be as handsome as those actors. Don’t show your solution but how good your clients will feel using it.
7. Reach new levels of success with OnSights
Make your audience buy with their heart, make them connect to your brand while collecting all the marketing analytics needed to draw the perfect profile of your audience and become the leader of your marketing with OnSights phygital marketing campaigns. Get to know more about the phygital revolution here!
Because emotional marketing drives you to a new form of interaction with your audience, OnSights helps you easily reach your audience transmitting the perfect emotion based on your campaign’s goals. How? By connecting the print to your online content in a global, complete, phygital marketing campaign.

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