Chapter 5: How to measure the success of emotional marketing campaigns?

What is phygital marketing? OnSights is the marketing tool to implement emotional marketing and phygital solution in your marketing strategy
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Chapter 5: How to measure the success of emotional marketing campaigns?

Ok now you know how phygital marketing campaigns can transcend your marketing strategies, we saw how important is emotional marketing and how you should implement it for each of your marketing strategies. But what happens after the campaign? How can you measure the success of your campaign?
That’s a real question to ask as we know the importance of data in marketing to gain insights into the likes and dislikes or habits of each potential client. So, how can you measure an emotion?
That’s the answer we will try to answer in the last chapter of this series about phygital marketing and emotional marketing.

Is it possible to measure an emotion?

Honestly, it’s complicated. There are no direct marketing metric or tool that shows “27% of happiness – 76% of surprise – 21% of anger”. But there are some tricks you can learn to measure the actions taken by the audience rather than an emotion.
For instance, a positively perceived advertising campaign will make 74% of customers advocate for your brand while 63% of them will retain. On the other hand, if your advertising campaign generates negative emotions, only 8% of customers will advocate and 13% will retain.
As mentioned in a previous chapter, different emotions generate different action. Happiness leads to shares, anger helps virilizing the content published, fear increases the loyalty of customers and sadness rises the will to give.
Depending on the communication medium you focus your campaign on you might not always be able to track a corresponding marketing analytic. In that case, the best thing to do is to measure the response in real time. That way you will make sure to receive precise reaction but also more discrete or secondary emotions such as pride / confidence / relaxation / boredom…etc.

How to measure emotional marketing success ?

As measuring an emotion is almost impossible, most of the marketing tools or practices focuses on the response the audience made to your emotional marketing campaign.
Customer satisfaction survey
Well this one was easy. If you want to know something, just ask. By running a customer satisfaction survey you will be able to measure the Customer Satisfaction Score (also called CSAT). The good news is this practice is relatively adaptable. You can ask your customer to fill in a form right after the purchase, after an experience with your very capable customer service or after a certain time to ask them if they are satisfied with the product they bought.
Social media listening tool
Social listening is the monitoring of your brand’s social media platforms. From customer feedback, direct mentions of your brand, discussions regarding related keywords, topics, competitors, or industries, you will receive complete analysis of those data. It helps you gain further insights and allow you to act on these opportunities. One of the most common and used software is Hootsuite manage various accounts on various platform while collecting the necessary data to understand your audience and their interests.
Customer Loyalty Metrics
You can calculate the Net Promoter Score (NPS) which is an index ranging from -100 to 100 the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others.
Chatbots are AI based technologies that allow you to conduct customer satisfaction survey through messaging platform like Messenger for Facebook or Whatsapp. Use bots to engage your prospects and customers while collecting data and feedback of their general experience with your brand.
Use OnSights the most complete marketing tool to generate and measure emotional marketing campaigns
OnSights is a complete marketing tool that helps you reinforce your emotional marketing strategies by creating phygital campaigns. A phygital campaign combines both physical and digital communication channels to make them interact. By connecting your printed communication to your online content we help you transmit emotions to your audience by converting them into the main actor of your communication.
More than just a platform we provide a complete user experience who will visualize, save, organize and share the content you put at their disposal to virilize it.
Are you ready to enter the revolution of phygital marketing? Are you willing to generate innovative emotional marketing campaigns? Will you be the one raising to the top of your market?
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