What is the main challenge of continuing medical education of pharmaceutical sector?

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What is the main challenge of continuing medical education of pharmaceutical sector?

Continuing medical education is a crucial step through which physicians must go to develop their knowledge over treatments, therapies, studies, research reports and update those knowledge frequently to provide the best medical care possible.
How crucial? If you allow me this metaphor, I would compare it to the army. Even if a country is at peace you need a trained army that can take action quickly in a case of emergency or war.
The doctors are your soldiers, that need to stay in shape mentally in order to react quickly in times of epidemics or pandemics, which are the potential war/ threat.
Following this example you might think that those times of war are not that frequent. You’d be terribly wrong.
In France, each year there are between 2 to 6 million persons infected by the flu whereas in the US, 710,000 people get hospitalized. The flu comes back each and every year and even if authorities put at the population disposal a vaccine to prevent the epidemic, it’s not as popular as they hoped to. Physicians must stay aware of the advanced the sector accomplished to offer the most complete and effective treatment.
So, how physicians have access to quality Continuing Medical Education? How can the major actors of pharmaceutical sector intervene in this process and position their brand as a source of knowledge?

How physicians access continuing medical education?

There are several structures and methods available for physicians to have access to Continuing Medical Education:
The first of them are Professional Associations. Those structures are made to offer a constant update of the knowledge and progresses. Depending on the country where the physician operates it can be controlled by a different organization. For instance, the UK Science Council in Great-Britain.
Secondly we can mention Medical Education Agencies. They could be considered as a subsection of advertising agencies. They provide educational content for healthcare/life science/biotechnology industries and professionals. They are divided in two subparts:
The continuing medical education agencies: those are under the strict restriction and need accreditation from governmental agencies such as ACCME (Accreditation Council of Continuing Medical Education) or SACME (Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education). Those agencies ensure the transmission of a correct and neutral knowledge to the healthcare sector professionals.

The non-Continuing Medical Education provide sponsored content from major actors of the sector.
Hospitals are also responsible of transmitting the needed knowledge to the professionals they employ.
Educational institutions such as universities can provide complete classes for physicians for continuing medical education.
Physicians can also study on their own during their free time. Doing their own research, reading research papers from laboratories or pharmacies websites.
OnSights the marketing tool made to accelerate continuing medical education of pharmaceutical sector

OnSights provides you a complete platform made to accelerate and facilitate the transmission of educational content from expert of the pharmaceutical sector to physicians.
Physicians have not access to a complete ecosystem of learning to optimize their medical education. The platform put at your disposal allows you to accelerate the transmission of educational content with the most effective communication medium, the video and guarantee the retention of the information of the audience.
We connect your printed communication to your valuable online video content, remotely updatable, to answer the need of education of each physicians you interact with.
Accelerate your communication with physicians, guarantee the transmission of the correct message, increase your brand positioning and receive all the data of the interaction of physicians with your content.
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