5 ways to increase pharmaceutical sales forces production

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5 ways to increase pharmaceutical sales forces production

As we saw in previous articles (first one here and second one here), the attention rate of sales reps by physicians has drop drastically. Between 2005 and 2016 in the US, the pharmaceutical sector lost 25% of its total of sales reps.
Segment your market of customer on a need basis
Segmentation is a key practice in the development of a viable marketing and sales campaign. By dividing your market / your audience in segments of likeminded buyers (individuals or organizations) you will guarantee the increase of your sales, and therefore, the efficiency of your sales team.
CRM Analytics: the cornerstone of salesforce optimization
When you don’t know where you’re going, look where you came from. Search for the key customer segments, what did you sale? To whom? Where did you sale it? When did you sale it? Make sure to focus the strategy on your sale force on a customer centric point of view to guarantee its success.
Think about your team professional’s growth
Salespersons are always in search for new information, for fresh insights or the most recent updates. Why ? Because they are trying to have a deeper understanding of the material or product. Provide your sales force the knowledge they need to make your brand stand out in a highly competitive market.
Question your sales force size and allocations
In 2020 we can’t not keep thinking about quantity. We have to think about quality. We have to think about surgical strike. Shift your communication strategy to a more technological approach. By implementing a technology-driven methods you will improve your internal communication model to educate your team, but also improve the quality of interactions they can have with their prospects and communicate a clearer picture to your audience.
OnSights the marketing tool that combine all previous points
OnSights offers you a global marketing tool that is made for a perfect market segmentation according to the needs of each targeted profile, we provide you all the analytics you need to know the interaction of the physicians and your communication. With such segmentation, you are able to use one communication channel for your external and internal communication to keep training your sales force while supporting them during the sales process.
How OnSights manage to do it so easily? By connecting any printed, tangible support to an online digital content. By doing so, you accelerate the different processes of education of physicians and training of your team. If you want to know more about the marketing revolution of pharmaceutical sector, click here.

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