Why the problematic interaction between physicians and patients can ruin the marketing effort of pharmaceutical companies ?

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Why the problematic interaction between physicians and patients can ruin the marketing effort of pharmaceutical companies ?

The relationship between physicians and patients is the central piece of great healthcare service and practices. It is considered as the foundation of medical ethic
Patients must have confidence in their physician’s competences and knowledge to help them get better and guide them in their treatment and therapy to come back to a healthy state. The reason for that is that the physician represents the bridge of knowledge that must lead to quality interactions.
Obviously, this relationship is even more important points in some fields of expertise such as in psychiatry or family medicine. Some therapist/doctors even come to use a semblance of emotional marketing using certain colors in their office to influence their reaction.
So what’s the issue with this particular interaction? Time. Time is an issue that directly affects their interaction with the patient and prevents a great, complete provision of healthcare service.
How many hours physicians tipically work each week?
75% of physicians work at least 40h/week and 50% of them work at least 51h/week (American Medical Info). Basically those schedule represents at least 20 patients per day of which you must add visits from sales representatives.


In this relation they are seen as a guardian of this knowledge, a technical expert, a counselor and a friend that must guide the patients in their treatment. They mostly have a power figure to ensure the correct follow-up of treatment by the patient.
Tensions can raise because of that pragmatists vision of the relation from physicians point of view but also because of more general problematics of the healthcare attention:
With the decrease of available time from physicians and the increase of the demand from patient, even more in clinics, where personnal is facing a more production-oriented point of view (optimize clinical coordination and maximization of productivity).
Physicians in clinics represent one third of the total population of physicians.

That’s the main reason of why we see a strong increase of independent source of diagnostics based on evidence. The main issue with those website is that there are no specialists. There are at best testimonies or advices of use of certain drugs, which can be dangerous to take for certain patients.
So how can you reverse the process? How can you impact the relation between patients and doctors?


Pharmaceutical industry are in a great position to impact the entire process of medical attention.
What OnSights brings you is a marketing tool that provides a complete marketing solution to facilitate the transmission of crucial information to physicians for their continuing medical education while helping them improving their daily relationship with patients.
How ?
We connect any tangible (printed) support to an online platform to generate great brand/professionals – patients interaction.
Provide your network of physicians a series of promotional gifts to hand over to their patients so they can generate a continuing and efficient dialogue with them. By doing so you strengthen their relationship with their patients while positioning your brand as the one that brought the solution to their most important need.
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