How you can elaborate great influencer marketing campaign ?

OnSights marketing solution for influencer marketing marketing trend of 2020 design trend of 2020
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How you can elaborate great influencer marketing campaign ?

Influencer marketing is seeing the same goldrush-effect that Pay per click advertising saw in the early 2000s. But how does this work? Why is influencer marketing so popular among advertisers? Why its inherent business model can put the success of your campaign in jeopardy?
First, we must define what an influencer is:
We can define an influencer as someone that shows credibility over a specific topic. That credibility translates on social medias as a community of interested people following him or her, community on which the content creator will have a certain power of influence.
Therefore, influencer marketing consists in converting those highly followed persons into spokesperson of a brand or product.


Having a great community is the first step, but the most thorough marketers and advertisers will know that having an influencer with X millions of followers is not a guarantee of success for your influencer campaign. You must check some other metrics:
Number of followers, obviously the first metric you should check. The higher the followers are, the bigger proportion of interested people will be found among the audience.
Interaction rate, also called engagement, is the entirety of the interaction an audience can make on a post (comment, share, like). It can be calculated this way:
OnSights marketing solution for influencer marketing marketing trend of 2020 design trend of 2020
How to calculate the interaction rate of an influencer ?
Participation rate, is the average rate of participations (like, comments, shares) on the influencer’s posts.
Implication in the conversations: is the owner of the account involved in the discussions with his/her followers? The more he will engage with the audience, the more the audience will be retained and have a better chance to turn into customers.


According to the size of the potential audience:
Celebrities Maccro Mid Micro
+ 1m follower 500k-1m 100k-500k 1k – 100k
Average cost per post: $250,000 / / Average cost per post: $250


When a company or brands shows interest in elaborating a marketing campaign with influencers they should always question the credibility and authenticity of the blogger.
A lot of influential bloggers inflate their reading/views/visits figures in order to get more deals done and elevate their tariffs.
According to an article from the New-York times, the follower factories are a real issue that can affect each and every accounts. For example, Katy Perry, the most followed person on twitter, accounts for 67 million of fake profiles, Donald Trump, president of the United States has 15 millions fake followers. On Instagram, Ellen deGeneres accounts for 81 million followers, of which 58% are fake or bots.
Those are big name but it affects also a lot of other “influential accounts” and ends up being very costly for advertisers.
How much? According to Cheq, a cybersecurity company, and Roberto Cavazos, professor in economics for the University of Baltimore, around $1.3BILLION (15% of the market value).
What can we do? How can companies make sure of the trustworthiness of the influencer they work with?


As we saw before, even if influencer marketing is getting more and more popular among advertisers, the risk is big as this market is being more and more corrupted.
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