8 tips to boost your content marketing campaign success in 2020

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8 tips to boost your content marketing campaign success in 2020

To follow our previous article we wanted to give you 8 tips to boost your next content marketing strategy. Impact, convert and retain your audience with those 8 trends of content marketing:

Personalized content

Mass marketing time is over. Now the consumer is looking for a true interaction with the brand through a unique marketing material. Therefore, companies must implement and use more complex and sophisticated content or channel to impact their audiences and generate sales increase. A recent study has shown that a personalized content shows an increase of 20% in sales opportunities.

Go niche

This point perfectly pairs with the first one. The best way to broadcast a personalized content is to focus on a specific segment of you audience, also called niche. Present your best product or service but adapted to a specific industry or sector. You provide marketing consulting? Generate a content for pharmaceutical industries. You provide a service of content broadcasting? Focus on a content for educational sector…etc.

Concise content

Google wants you to generate long, complete articles so they can broadcast and promote great content for their user. That’s the theory of SEO.
In a more practical way, those users don’t or can’t spend 10mn reading an article of 2,000 words. You should focus on more concise articles of around 500 words to provide great content while not being time-consuming.

Diversify the marketing materials of your content

As we said in a previous article you should focus your campaign on one type of content and then support it with others. Develop a global ecosystem of content that interact between each other’s. Write an article, produce a video focusing on one specific point and use both of those channels to promote your e-book or next webinar.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is seeing the same rise as pay-per-click advertising in the early 2000s. It can be a great way to enlarge the audience by using the one of the influencer. Generate a content where a leader of opinion intervene and offers gives point of view. Influencer marketing uses a specific psychological trigger being the social proof: if an expert interacts with you, you will gain the very same respect.

Interactive content

Put your audience at the center of your campaign where they feel as the main character more than a viewer. By doing so you will increase the interactions brand-customer (obviously) but also the global engagement of your audience with your content.

Use more video

According to HubSpot, 54% on consumers want to see more video of their favorite products/companies/brands. We know that video are the most powerful tool you can integrate in your campaign. It brings a great brand awareness, great retention of the information transmitted and increases globally all digital marketing metrics.

Combine all previous point in one revolutionary marketing tool

What if I told you there was one specific marketing tool that allows you to personalize your content, that allows you to segment your content according to your niches, to diversify the marketing materials used, to use influencers to promote your campaign, to make your audience interact while broadcasting a video content made by experts for experts?
This marketing tool exists and is called OnSights. By connecting any printed support to your online video content allows you to generate a 360° ecosystem in a new phygital marketing strategy. Your audience becomes the main actor of your campaign and interacts with the tangible support you will deliver them.
OnSights is the marketing trend of 2020 you want to implement in your strategy if you want to increase your sales, increase your brand awareness and increase your audience engagement.
Click hereif your want to know more about OnSights and we provide you the very best phygital marketing platform.

Start planning your phygital marketing campaign

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