Top design trends for marketers in 2020

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Top design trends for marketers in 2020

Corporate design is a complicated concept. It’s not only creating logos, developing a brand image or a page layout without font. It’s the will to create, maintain and broadcast a coherent and powerful brand image through different marketing materials.
Lots of companies tend to do their design themselves, which at first glance can be seen as a good idea.
Nonetheless, let me ask you a question: would you let you designer or salesman develop your marketing strategy? Same goes the other way. A designer knows better his work and how to create marketing materials to support your marketing or sales force. So what are the design trend marketers should know and implement in their strategy for 2020?

What can a good marketing design do for your company?

Marketing design drives conversion
A picture is worth a thousand words. By showing your product in a well-designed context you will create an emotional response, that we know, always impacts sales.
Marketing design elevates your brand and grow visibility
More than just the previous points, an elaborated design in your communication allows you to make a great first impression and perfectly show the added-value of your product. Present your product in a specific and unique way to make your visual stand out.
“Design is not just what it looks or feels like. Design is about how it works” (Steve Jobs)

The trend of marketing design of 2020

Illustrative marketing
2020 will be the year of illustration more than realism. Shift toward a more abstract illustration that looks unreal to attract the sight of the audience and stimulate his imagination.
As mentioned before, consumers buy with the heart not with the brain. Their decision on the moment is based on what your product/marketing/communication make them feel. That’s emotional marketing. Design marketing materials with new technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Realitywill allow you to strongly impact the purchase-decision, the engagement and retaining of potential customers.
Design animations for a more sophisticated marketing
Videos are the favorite communication support of the audiences. They are the one that allow a better retention of the information while being the one that generate the most engagement. Nevertheless you have to be careful that the video or GIF you will use on your website will not slow down page speed and impact negatively the user experience.
Interactive marketing design
Your audience is tired of being “the victim” of your marketing or communication. They want to be involved in it. Even if it’s just for a small action, keep them entertained.
By adding interactivity in your communication you increase the engagement rate on your posts and retain the audience as customer in the long run.
That’s a tricky one. How can you know people wants easier accesses to your e-commerce? Well you just have to see the success of shoppable posts on platforms such as Instagram. You should not see this as a common communication material if not as a quick, efficient and user-friendly doorway to a better shopping platform. The Results? Brands Report +1,416% Traffic, +20% Revenue.

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Your design becomes the center piece of your marketing, connecting the print to your online platforms, ecommerce or content: OnSights brings you a new business model where the print is the physical point of purchase of ecommerce.
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