6 reasons why video content marketing is the best marketing tool

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6 reasons why video content marketing is the best marketing tool

A lot of marketers have seen video content as one the biggest and most promising marketing trend of 2020.
It’s easy to understand why when most of online platforms are focused or focusing on video content, platform such as Youtube, totalling 1 billions views per day, Facebook, TikTok…etc.
But why is video content the key to a successful campaign and why should marketers focus on it for 2020? That’s what we will develop in this article:

1- Video content is versatile and engaging

When being well executed, videos show a real-life pictures or characteristics of a product, service or company. It humanizes the brand while perfectly mixing theoretical knowledge and concrete demonstrations.
For the user, it’s way easier to consume or diggest while being entertaining effect that accelerates the viralization of your campaign, leading to a better positioning of you brand and an improved brand image.
Your audience is better informed through a format they like, but also a format that allows you an easier implementation of marketing leverage such as calls to action to guide your audience realizing a specific action and increasing the general Return on Investment of your campaign.

2- One video to educate them all

We mentioned it in the point before, but videos are known to be the better communication format to educateyour audience.
Videos are one way to integrate multi-modal elements (e.g. text, audio, images, animation) into your teaching. Multimodal learning has been found to result in significant gains in basic and higher-order learning. Presenting course or training materials in more than one mode may lead learners to perceive it is easier to learn and improve attention…

3- Video content to stay competitive and strengthen your market shares

Mark Zuckerberg assured that Facebook will move on to a 100% video platform by the end of 2020:
81% of businesses use video contentfor their marketing purposes;
54% of users are asking for more video from their favorite brand;
59% Senior Executives say they are more likely to watch a video than read a text for information on the same subject.
Literally all and every audiences are asking for more video, being regular consumers, decision makers from the corporate world or professional customers. Video has proven its efficiency and effectiveness.

4- Boost and impact the purchase decision

Ok, your audience is asking for more video. But can it boost your sales?
By showing your product or explaining your service through a video the user will go through a better explanation in a more engaging format.
Videos also build trust which leads to long term relationship and therefore, retained customers.

5- Video are more appealing to mobile users

90% of mobile users watch videos on their smartphones. The most famous platform for video consumption, Youtube, is seeing a global growth of 100% per year of its traffic from mobile platforms.
Even though video content will help you sale, will help you convince, will help you develop your presence online; it does have one deadly weakness. But let me guide you through its solutioning.

6- OnSights to enter a new model of video content marketing

The problem of a regular video content strategy is that the videos stay online. They are stuck in an ocean of information and content.
The fact being that we are subject to so many information at the same time that we barely can focus on one at the time.
OnSights allows you to connect your video content with the print, making it enter the physical world. By doing so, the audience will segment themselves by choosing to scan the printed support and consume your content.
That’s just one side of it, and I will be glad to tell you more in our next exchange. Contact us hereor start building your phygital marketing strategy with OnSights!

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