The 10 marketing trends you need to adopt to have a successful 2020

The 10 marketing trend of 2020 marketing tool to increase sales and interaction OnSights augmented reality social network marketing solution to generate leads and generate sales
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The 10 marketing trends you need to adopt to have a successful 2020

It is well known fact by marketers that marketing and communication practices are evolving to a more 360° customer experience. Nevertheless, the fusion of each marketing or sales channels into a global experience is also creating ramified problems that the same technologies must solve.
Problems such as: excess of information on social platforms, bombardment of advertising or fraud of PPC advertisings can be solved with a proper management and mastering of new technologies and platforms. The real challenge for companies is to know how they should or could use them to create successful campaigns and improve the customer/user experience. In this article we will focus on presenting the ten best marketing trends and tools marketers from around the globe must implement and master in 2020 to increase and maintain their brand’s presence on their market.

1.Marketing intelligence

Data processing and analysis as the base for a marketing strategy that focuses on facts rather than intuition. This is done through big data platforms that capture and enrich user data and then use it to create a consumer-centric command centers that provide conclusions, solutions and marketing value. Overcoming this first practice and learning how to use it will turn business intelligence into Marketing intelligence with final reports, overviews and insights from each campaign to adapt each new campaigns to the datas received from the previous ones.

2. Artificial Intelligence AI

AI and machine learning are disciplines that are already used in digital marketing, but they keep evolving. AI allows companies to automatically manage and adapt their campaign while receiving the needed data to learn more about customers and adapt their message to a more precise buyer persona. The creation of AI-based advertising systems will lead to the elimination of fraud and will open the door to much safer shopping online, increasing the confidence of advertisers towards their target.

3. Online video advertising

Statistics show that video content is a major element when it comes to impact the purchase decision of any smartphone user. The creation of private Marketplaces, such as PMPs or Premium Market Places, with a high investment in video advertising has proven to be a worthy investment. It’s what innovative experts are now looking for: achieve a centralized premium content inventory to broadcast a luxury brand image.

4. Data at omnichannel level in Customer journey maps

Now brands are awoken to the new unanswered problems of digital marketing. Nowadays, only few brands manage to collect enough data through their entire customer journey. Valuable information is lost in some of their advertising channels, online or offline, during the retail process, or in the after-sales process once the prospects became customers. Brands now team up with retailer to create and develop Customer journey maps that help understand better the consumer while creating a truly accurate profile of buyer to improve the customer and user experience.

5. Customer Experience

According to Forbes Brandvoice, 70% of purchasing decisions are based on customer experiences.
Technology now plays a bigger role in our pattern of consumption, thanks to multi-channel customer journeys. Achieving an optimal, satisfying customer experience creates an ecosystem of touchpoints, allowing several channels of consumers-consumers and brand-customer interactions.
Brands are now thinking and focusing on the search of excellence in terms of Customer Experience. Achieving a successful strategy focused on the purchase experience is essential to the success of your campaign.

6. Hyperpersonalization or Hypersegmentation

According to VentureBeat, 77% of digital natives expect a personalized digital experience.
The evolution of digital marketing has led to more personalized of the messages. Each user is expecting a specific message according to their profile and interests, which message will generate personal data and while viralizing it.
The big data ecosystem, which collects information, processes and analyzes it in order to accurately target each consumer according to different variables. The hyperpersonalization or hypersegmentation end up easier than ever in the new era of digital marketing.

7. Restore value of professional personal care

The technologies and digitalization of almost all the transactions have made purchases and consultations evidently easier. But it also restored the value of professional personal attention, customers valuing having the point of view and thoughs of an expert through during their decision.
According to a study by Accenture USA, 77% of consumers prefer to negotiate or deal with humans when they need expert advice.
Automated technologies make it possible to miss H2H (Human to Human) interactions, but this type of interaction stays essential for other sectors, such as for products or services with high purchasing value, of specific education, financial services, any health service or or even luxury retail for example.
Existing technologies will help brands that require personal and professional attention facilitate and solve these problems, accelerating the interaction between the expert and the prospect.
We can take as example the need of seeing a physician when someone is ill, innovation offers the communication tool needed to re-create the physician-patient interaction online.

8. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as the bridge between online and offline.

Immersive technologies are perfect for linking the digital with the physical world, something that any marketing expert have surely dreamed of!
But that’s not all, since according to Forrester study “The coming wave of virtual reality” there are already 15 million smartphones with VR capacity in the United States. Major brands have already trusted this trend to help their customers design their products to help them purchase from their sofa. Some of them have already implemented this innovation in their marketing strategy, for example with a 3D-designer to design a customized kitchen through a smartphone app!

9. O2O (Online to Offline)

We have already had a close relationship with the brands using this trend in the market: it tends to eliminate the difference between online and physical physical shopping experience. It creates a new homogeneous phygital experience, which influences and serves the consumer regardless of whether he is in front of a mobile device or at the physical point of purchase. It tends to complete the circle of the Customer Experience and close it by connecting offline and online channels. It’s called O2O, or Online to Offline
Amazon for example, was born in the digital world and is now transferring its experience to the physical plane opening retail stores. In the United States the same has happened (but in reverse) with Wallmart, which managed to face the revolution of online customer experiences, changing its business model successfully!

10. OnSights the marketing tool made to help creating phygital or omnichannel marketing campaign

Onsights goes hand in hand with the innovation and evolution of Digital Marketing, unifying all these trends into a unique marketing tool to boost sales in both digital and physical world: it creates a new business model for companies, introducing their e-commerce in the physical world.
OnSights is a global marketing tool that allow companies to connect any digital video content to the print. What it means for you is that your ecommerce, your video training or video classes are now present in the physical word. Now, you can generate sales from any printed support and connect with your audience through a complete platform and guide them performing specific actions with the calls to actions of your choice.
The marketing tool that mixes all previous trend into one platform. What are you waiting for to plan your phygital marketing campaign? Click here to get started and enter a new business model!

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