How digital transformation challenges and improves education?

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How digital transformation challenges and improves education?

Since the 1990s we are seeing a real questioning of the different governmental policies of public education (doubt of effectiveness, of equity or decrease of education budget). Those problematics are directly affecting children regardless of their social background.
The good news is that we are also seeing an increase in edtech initiatives.
So, what are the challenges of education in 2020 and how technology can help provide better learning methods?

Is teacher’s effectiveness jeopardizing education success?

The problem here is not the qualification of teachers by itself but the number of available teachers.
It’s a worldwide issue, there are not enough teachers per students. The UN is stating that without 69 million new teachers by 2030, worldwide education will collapse.
And that’s an issue we already know. Classes are overcrowded, with more than 30 students per class. Governments need to recruit more teacher and by doing so, they hire untrained teachers. The issue here is that teacher effectiveness has been found to be the most important predictor of student learning.

The benefits of tailored lessons

With 30 kids in the classroom, even the best teacher in the best circumstance can’t deliver tailored lessons for each student. Personalized learning technology that dynamically adapts to student needs while offering teachers real-time insight into each student’s performance has been proven to increase student achievement. While supporting learners with differentiated lessons, personalized learning technology builds additional capacity for teachers, and allows them to spend less time searching for individualized lessons and more time focused on the art of teaching.

Students anxiety is ruining their success

Most online platforms are hyper-stimulating, sending new information, showing new content every seconds, contributing to a drop in attention span from young population.. We cannot prohibit the use of the internet or the use of technology, prohibition never works, but we need to focus on searching and creating new online educative platforms that will maximize attention, relaxation, and continuity of methodologies.

The cost of technology

Innovation has one goal: create a better environment and ease people life. Computers and internet have reached that goal,creating biggest encyclopedia in human history.. Even if we saw a huge decrease in technology costs in the last 20 years, it still is a big investment to equip any establishment with just computers.
A basic computer will cost around $200 – $400, add to that the yearly maintenance, the time to train teachers to use specific softwares, the cost of internet connection, or the cost of cloud computing services.

Too much technology kills technology

The common mistake made by teachers and educational institutions is to treat technology as another tool or method for transmitting knowledge seen in the classroom.
Innovation should be used as a supplement to the message conveyed in class or in textbooks. Consider technological tools as a new channel for transmitting knowledge to close the circle of information and accompany students in resolving their doubts and difficulties.
Technology must unleash the learning potential of all students.

OnSights the educational tool to close the breach between in-class learning and e-learning platforms

As we saw in the previous points, we need to involve more technology in our methodologies. But we must act cautiously.
Children are living in a stressful situation where they feel judged on any online platform they go on. Providing them a safe space of learning, where they can follow their classes, get the in-depth study and at the same time schedule face-to-face tailored classes with their teacher.
This space of learning is the classroom, but once they come back home they can’t progress as much as they would normally
OnSights takes care of it. We provide a unique phygital technology that will connect any digital content or platform to the print. Once the students come home, they just need to scan their class book to have access to a complete learning platform that will help them learning, understanding and succeed in their classes.
They will have access to video content according to their current class, sit mock exams online and interact with their teachers or schoolmates.
On the other hand, teachers will be able to organize their schedule of tailored classes while monitoring the connections of their class thanks to a complete analytic report.
Help us give a better future to our children and start planning your new phygital methodologies now!

Create your phygital methodology now!

Enter the most powerful and complete learning tool on the market!

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