Why do we still use Printed Communication?

Why we still use Printed Communication? OnSights phygital marketing tool
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Why do we still use Printed Communication?

For most of the companies invest a lot of money in printed communication, without talking about the format, might not be as favorable as for big companies as they will not generate a direct income from it. Sometimes you must optimize your budget to make sure every investment can bring direct money to your company. That’s what OnSights offers you by connecting your printed communication to your online platforms. Generate a new business model with OnSights marketing tool to use your printed communication as a new Point of Purchase for your online shop.

Is printed communication still effective?

Flyers, Magazines, Catalogues, Advertising on bus stops or in the metro, Brochures and more. Why do we still print communication/ advertising in the digital era? Why do we keep on trying to promote our Brands or crucial Informations through what seems to be an outdated support?
The answer depends on the purpose of each campaign. A big corporate such as Samsung will not have the same goals when they buy a $150,000 ad insert as a bank trying to inform its customers of their new retiring plan.
Nevertheless, it always hide a mercantile vision, it’s made to generate revenue to the company. The Return On Investment must be profitable otherwise it’s not worth it. And that’s precisely the point I’m trying to develop:against all odds, Printed Communication is the one advertising support with the better Return On Investment (also called ROI) of any Communication Media, up to 120%. It means that by investing $1 you will earn $1.20.
How is that even possible? In a world where you can advertise your product online, connecting your communication with your sale channel, when almost all of the most mainstream app/ website sale ad inserts, how can the Printed Communication the most viable for a company?
Now it does not seem as attractive right? That kind of product can cost a company $4.000 for each order.

The excess of content on other medias

Following this phenomenon, people are not paying attention to the world surrounding them because always doing two things at a time. Therefore, it will not be interesting for a company to by 30 seconds of publicity on Radio, on Youtube or on TV as most of the Audience will be probably checking their Smartphones at the same time or just doing something else, waiting for their content to start again.
So, what kind of medium offers you a perfect reach to your audience because they are focused on it? What kind of medium can assure the full attention of their users?
The print.
When someone is reading a magazine, they are fully focused on it, holding it in order to process the information. As a result, buy an ad insert is very interesting for a company willing to transmit information to an audience. Obviously, each campaign must be targeted correctly in order to create the best interest from the readers and, at the same time, make sure you positioned yourself in the mind of the right potential client.
But that’s not all. Reading a magazine or a newspaper comes with another psychological aspect of human beings that should not be underestimated: the importance of tangible supports. The fact being that by holding a tangible support in his hands while reading, the user processes better the knowledge he’s absorbing, converting theorical information into concrete practices.

The value of tangible in communication

A short example: you are in a business meeting. You have to present your ideas of evolution of your company to your boss. Will you either make your presentation with a tangible support such as a PowerPoint Document or just say it out loud hopping your superior will understand and remember it entirely?
People love and need their tangible support. Because it’s the physical support that will transmit the information and by doing so it gains the very same value of the information itself.
Printed Communication stays as the most interesting for companies,although it does not generate direct revenue.
But what if I told you there was a way to sale to a focused audience. What if there was a way to get the most out of a printed communication campaign?

How OnSights value your Print

OnSights brings you a complete platform made for innovative marketers. With an universal lector, we connect your printed communication to any online platform so generate direct sales and interaction from your tangible assets.
This solution brings you a new business model for your company, where any print becomes a new point of purchase and spokesperson of your brand.
Increase your sales, increase your interaction with your audience , increase your ROI and general revenue with a brand new phygital marketing strategy.
Are you one the most innovative marketer? The fearless kind that aim to transcend his current objectives? If the answer is yes, check what OnSights has to offer here!

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