The digital revolution that began 20 years ago has changed our vision of the art of communication. But never to the extent that we expected. To reach their maximum potential, companies must learn to connect and synergize their communication in the physical world with that of the digital world. Companies must learn how to create that connection if they are to achieve their goals.
OnSights is the best tool on the market to realize this potential:

Incorporate audio-visual in your print

When you switch to an omnichannel model with OnSights technology, the print comes to life. Your audience will scan your tangible communication support to see a video showing your product or service and make their purchase decision. This decision will be facilitated by the various calls to action in the application that will bring your audience to your e-commerce.

Your print advertising will become a physical selling point for your online store.

Intrusive marketing solution OnSights

Print as a spokesperson for your brand, from local to international expansion

Your print becomes the spokesperson for your brand. You establish yourself as a leader in your local market thanks to innovative communication, presenting all the details and information about your products or services. By connecting it with the digital, the print becomes a physical point of sale for your online store.

The print thus transcends itself to reach new international markets. It is no longer necessary to buy a store, train and hire employees and order stock on-site, because your video flyer or video advertising alone serves as a physical point of sale.

A flyer distribution campaign connected to OnSights technology becomes a profitable investment from the moment it is launched, with the print generating as much revenue as a brick-and-mortar store, but without its costs.



Of earnings from the initial Investment in Video Brochure
Of Consumers are seeking for more content from their Favorite Brand
Raise of Buying Intention after watching a Video
Of shoppers admit visual are the most influencial factor in purchase decision
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